FORAGE and Cook Workshops

Learn how to make delicious treats with your foraged foods, from wild green pestos to hedgerow cordials. Have fun, share a beautiful meal, spend time in the countryside and the kitchen.  Our workshops change with the seasons as each season brings a different foraging experience and new tastes to the kitchen If you’d like to organise a Forage and Cook Workshop for a group or an event,  contact us at The Wild Orchard, or take a look at the noticeboard for up-and-coming events.

Half Day Cooking Workshop (10am – 1:30pm)

Come on a walk into the countryside and collect wild plants to cook with. Make and share a delicious lunch using your finds and get some new recipes for your repertoire. £45 per person

Full Day Workshop (12pm – 6pm)

Come on a ramble to collect wild produce  and  eat a light bite out in the field. Back in the kitchen we will make a beautiful shared dinner using our foraged food to compliment local, seasonal and organic produce in tasty dishes. We will also make a little something for you to take home. £60 per person If you’d like to book a workshop or find out more, please contact The Wild Orchard.